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Your Website To Be Revive With JivoChat


Your Website To Be Revive With JivoChat

At Qacci, Inc. today we are excited to announce a new super addition to our digital sevice collections. Last week we covered about how you can save money buying domain names with a FREE year hosting service only at with a yearly price that you can't find anywhere else— This new addition is a free live chat solution with a $10 monthly full features service; this is innovation.

Jivochat is going to boost your sales and conversions with a real time customer support.


Your website visitors have questions, but very often they leave without asking them. The new JivoChat widget makes it really easy for you to answer your potential customers’ questions in real time and turn them quickly into actual clients. On the mobile app, or the desktop.

JivoChat allows visitors to talk to you from within other popular apps (Viber | Facebook | Chat for site | Telegram | Mobile SDK). You won't fumble between multiple apps either – agents will conveniently receive all messages in the agents' app. 

The Agent App is easy to use and will integrate instantly into daily tasks. The result? A more efficient team, less distraction, and all the tools they need to provide exceptional customer support!

One you register, to access the JivoChat widget, click Builder > Contact > JivoChat.

You can easily create a JivoChat account HERE. An account for up to 5 support agents will be provided absolutely for free. The starter edition includes a dialog transcript emailed to you right after the dialog ends, Windows and Mac OS X desktop apps, as well as a mobile app.

This is how the JivoChat widget will be displayed to your visitors:

 Chat with website visitors

Free version

$0Forever free for
up to 5 agents

Professional version

$10Per agent per month
if billed annually

Unlimited chats and websites    
Customizable chat widget in 20 languages    
Mobile version of the chat widget    
Offline contact form    
Proactively start targeted chats with smart triggers    
Pre-chat or in-chat contact info collection    
Service quality ratings by customers    
Multiple departments    
Distribute chats based on visitors' locations    
SSL encryption    
Mobile SDK to integrate chat in your iPhone or Android app    
JavaScript API and Webhooks for integration with your software    
 Agent productivity
Desktop, Mobile and Browser agent apps    
Agent-to-agent chat    
Canned responses with an automatic helper    
Translator for 90+ languages    
Complete visitor info with social profiles    
Pointer tool to direct visitors throughout the site    
Chat transfer between agents    
Send files to visitors    
Message sneak-peek    
Spell checker    
Spammers protection    
 Analytics and reporting
Daily performance email    
Real-time visitors monitor    
Agents working time chart    
Service quality ratings by customers    
Google Analytics integration    
Export reports to Excel
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