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Academy Business Resources

At Qacci, Inc. we know there are many tools and resources to help streamline the process of bringing your idea to life. We've put together a collection of resources that we personally use, as well as other tools developed by the teachers in the academy that we endorse. Check out the resources below that can save you time and money. Note that some of the links below are affiliate links which are provided at no cost to you. We still only recommend the best services and products from our personal experiences but we highly recommend that you do your own due diligence before making any purchase for your business.

Registration and Legal

For the first time ever, a 100% FREE Membership to the most comprehensive marketing training ever created. You too, can start learning the latest marketing strategies to market your business. Whether you have an offline business or an online business, Marketing University has courses and training designed just for you.

Webiste Building

As current customers of WP Engine, we could not have found a better WordPress specific hosting provider. Aside from specializing in WordPress, they offer a hands-off approach so you don't have to worry about updates and security. Their top notch customer service and speed won us over.
If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to get started? Look no further than iPage. iPage is great for hosting multiple websites at once. WordPress can be installed within minutes with a few simple clicks.

JivoChat allows visitors to talk to you from within other popular apps. You won't fumble between multiple apps either – agents will conveniently receive all messages in the agents' app.

Hands down the best content management solution available that powers millions of websites including our own. Many web hosting providers like the ones mentioned above already provide simple one click installations. WordPress is also powered by a very extensive community that is home to thousands of themes and plugins.

App Building

Our consulting division of Secret Entourage now offers full hands-off app development services. Our team of talented graphic designers, marketers, and developers have made over 25 apps across the iOS and Android platforms. Contact us for a quote today.

Wordpress Extensions

Not a web designer? No problem. With OptimizePress you can deploy any type of page quickly ranging from sales pages, landing pages, squeeze pages, webinar pages, course pages, all with a simple click from the assortment of default templates and designs. These pages are designed for one thing and that is conversions.
Turning your audience into fans then into paid customers is a great feeling but now managing that process is very simple thanks to WishList Member. This WordPress plugin turns your website into a membership site and integrates with all of the top third party services for email, payments, and more. Our website is also powered by Wishlist Member.

Analytics & Testing

The gold standard for 99% of webmasters out there that want to understand where, why, and how traffic is coming to their website. Although some learning curve is required, it can be your #1 tool in identifying quick and easy fixes to exponentially increase your conversions.
A very popular and much simpler alternative to Google Analytics. With Clicky, you can have all the same data you'd normally see in Google Analytics but displayed in a much easier to understand interface that breaks everything down in layman's terms.
The one golden rule in online marketing is to never stop testing. Optimizely is a very simple A/B testing tool that allows you to create different page variations on the fly through a WYSIWYG editor. Highly recommended to increase conversion rates and sales.
Do you ever wonder what people do once they're on your website? Crazy Egg allows you to overlay a heatmap on any page of your website to understand where people click once they arrive on your website, thus allowing you to understand user flow.

Sales & Marketing

Instagram has become one of the fastest growing social media platforms. While it is very easy to rack up followers, many people are still unsure how to monetize their followings. That is until Spreesy came along and redefined how to sell on Instagram. Spreesy is a truly automated solution that allows brands to sell directly on Instagram through its unique logic. Once a follower expresses interest in the item by responding with a comment with their email, Spreesy will automatically send a checkout link to that buyer.


If you are looking for a very simple shopping cart that handles payment processing through Paypal, product delivery, product protection, affiliate program management, then look no further. E-Junkie is by far the most affordable and easiest to use digital product shopping cart that even powers our website today.
The 400 lb gorilla in online payment processing and transactions. If you don't support Paypal on your website, you are losing potential sales period. Although not the best payment processor by any means, it's the one most supported until another better alternative comes around.
The worlds largest digital marketplace also serves as a phenomenal affiliate program management tool. Create a digital product such as a course or software and list it on Clickbank where thousands of affiliates can help promote it for you.


Our go to marketplace to look for affordable but quality contractors overseas. After having spent over $50,000 on writers, link builders, developers, assistants, logo designers and more, there is no better place to find good help. Best of all everything is transparent to ensure your employee isn't sleeping on the job.
People will literally do anything for $5 bucks. Whether that's sad or not, Fiverr is a fantastic resource to hire people for $5 to help with lots of random tasks. There are people who will rap a song for you, create your resume, make an icon for you, to providing testimonials. Yes, it's weird but it simply works.

Email Marketing

As they say, the money is in the list and you should be capturing your audiences information from day one. Although there are at least a dozen great email marketing platforms, we have personally used AWeber to grow our email newsletter. Email is nothing without deliverability so AWeber will reach your subscribers inbox no problem.

Business Services

If you are looking for an affordable Google Voice alternative with more professional phone system features then look no further with Talkroute. Turn your business from sounding like a mom and pop store to a full blown Fortune 500 company.
Entrepreneurs sometimes forget that their personal credit can have a significant financial impact on their business. Quick Credit Boost is an easy way of boosting your credit score through a specialized hands off approach.


By switching to Vimeo for Business, we saved over $1000 a year in just bandwidth costs alone. We've looked at all options for enterprise level video hosting and no one came close to the amount of value and features that Vimeo for Business offers.